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About Juliet.....

My Yoga journey started when I was in my twenties. I can still remember the very first class I went to - feeling a little bit shy, not really knowing how to sit and having no idea that this would be the beginning of an exciting journey. 

Yes, even then I was aware of all the benefits of yoga but I never took them seriously - I was a working mum with three boys, at the time every free moment was spent on studying to become a teacher. I finally qualified and found a teaching job but my life had become a constant rush - just like any working mum I was desperately trying to juggle work and home life. It was then, when I was so exhausted , that I once again, took up a regular yoga class. 

Yoga created a space in my life - a space to think, reflect, to feel free and to be myself; a space where I was allowed to just be; a space to do nothing but listen to my own body; a space where I began to regain my strength, learnt to relax and let go.

A space for me.

Once my sons grew to adulthood, I decided to follow my path and I  embarked on a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher training course and also became a certified Yoga Bananas®Technique Teacher.

This is how I gradually moved to follow my dream and eventually retired from my school teaching job to  dedicate my time to teaching yoga & mindfulness to adults and children in my community. 

So here I am. A yoga teacher who teaches from the heart. 

In 2018 I founded YogaSoles. Why YogaSoles? Because I have come to believe that the secret of our well being lies deep in our feet - the more grounded we feel,  the more resilient we become and the more confident we are in making our choices and decisions. 

In a nutshell, YogaSoles not only brings you traditional Hatha Yoga, which benefits the whole body - it also gives you the space to relax, breath and just be. Once you start to feel your feet, you will soon find your very own path. And then yoga will gradually become part of your everyday life - from the moment you wake up, when you take that very first mindful breath and set your feet on the ground to concur the day, right to the sunset, when you sit quietly totally present in the here and now. 

                                                                   Namaste, Juliet x 

'Juliet brings a soft calmness to her classes, using her knowledge of yoga and mindfulness to enable her students to grow and strengthen both body and mind each week'.


Angelika - EmogaYoga


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